Aha Can Has Internz

We had two very exciting additions to the Aha Radio workplace this week ... our very first INTERNS!  Yep, we are totally official now. Say hello to Emily and Kyra.  They will be here for another couple weeks helping us out with a few important projects.  And while I can assure you that isn't code for "fetching Starbucks", I can't go into much more detail. Our interns Emily and Kyra Emily comes to us from University of Portland, and is currently leaning toward Secondary Education and History.  When not in class there is a good chance she could be found reading Harry Potter. Kyra is in town from Western Washington University, where she is currently a Biology major who splits her free time between dancing and being obsessed with Disney stuff. Stay tuned and I will try to shed more light on what exactly they are working on. -Ryan

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