Aha Radio gets updated for iOS5 (and a fix for Pioneer)

We may be hard at work on the major overhaul that will come with versions 1.0 for Android and 2.0 for iOS (as glimpsed in this recent screenshot), but that doesn't mean we can't make some changes here and there for the existing iOS users. The most important update is for anyone out there who is connecting to a compatible Pioneer system.  Some of you out there have reported repeated pause issues when playing Aha content on Pioneer, and as it turns out it stems from a Pioneer bug with iOS5. We were able to work with Pioneer to find a workaround and incorporate a tweak to our code that prevented them from having to release a full fledged head unit update ... and that tweak went out with today's update.  That won't fix the Pioneer bug for all interaction with Apple apps, but it should fix it for Aha. The other changes won't be as noticeable, as they involve optimization for a variety of iOS5 things.  So for big whizbang excitement you will need to wait for the massive overhaul that is "coming soon". So get that phone out and make sure you check for updates!  And of course enjoy the holiday weekend! -Ryan

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