iOS bug refuses to play nice with Aha Radio

A handful of users have been experiencing unexpected crashes with our latest version of Aha Radio for iPhone (1.5.4).  The reports have been very rare, but we've been working frantically to nail down the cause of the crash (which happens during launch, when the location message appears). Lo and behold, it turns out that it had nothing to do with any changes in our current release.  It seems that a change Apple made in iOS 4.3.1 (which coincidentally launched at about the same time) is causing some apps to abruptly crash. I'm somewhat reluctant to so quickly introduce Apple to the underside of the bus, given their prompt responses and that they readily owned up to the bug, but it's a relief to know that this wasn't a problem with our code. We missed getting this bug submitted in time for iOS 4.3.2, which most people have been updating to in the last week, but we are hopeful that it will be addressed in time for the next update. In the meantime, there is an iPhone Settings change that has resolved the problem for people experiencing the crash: SETTINGS > GENERAL > INTERNATIONAL > REGION FORMAT > switch to something other than US (perhaps Australia). Then try running Aha Radio. It should work, and if so you can then go back to change your Region back to US. Thanks to those who reported the issue! Ryan

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