Establishing record productivity levels around the office

The office additions are really starting to pile up these days.  Over the last few months we've added interns, a home theater, and a bunch of nifty decorations. We even have a special "Conference Table" that magically works great for ping-pong. But something was still missing.  We needed MORE electronics devices and more speakers.  Fortunately Harman came through with the SB 16 wireless SoundBar.

Which is a fantastic add because the speaker and woofer are wireless and don't take up a lot of space.  That is something that is critically important for our music or motion based games, like Guitar Hero.

Taking a break for some RAMMSTEIN!  Me (Ryan) on guitar, with Viktor on the skins. It is also important to make sure we have plenty of space around the "Conference Table", seeing as how we are in the middle of a very important, rotating, double-elimination, set of 1:1 "meetings" called King Pong. Don't forget, we are hiring! Have a good weekend, Ryan

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