Updated version has been APPROVED (iOS4 Friendly)

As I mentioned yesterday, an iOS4 specific update for Aha Radio was submitted to the App Store for approval, and I'm pleased to report that the updated version is NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! Just a quick reminder on what's new.
  • Background audio playback: keep listening to your favorite podcasts even after exiting the app (iOS 4.0 only). This release includes the fix for audio playback with iOS 4.0.
  • For users without unlimited data plans, added a data usage tracker and the ability to reduce bandwidth consumption for podcast content within SETTINGS.
  • App icon replaced with hi-res version.
  • Other bug fixes and minor enhancements.
What all that means is that you can keep listening to your podcast stations, even after you exit the app.  Also, if you have opted for the lowest data plan (200MBs) and are worried about your data usage, you can now keep track of it from within the SETTINGS area.  There is also an optional setting to reduce consumption, but if you aren't on the tiny plan we don't recommend changing it.  You'll find that some of the rewind/resume options won't work. And of course, for those of you enjoying the new Retina Display, we've updated the app icon with a hi-res version. Hope you all enjoy! -Ryan Aha Mobile

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