• Griffin


Griffin gave birth to the wireless in-car connectivity segment with their introduction of iTrip, the first wireless way to play music from an iPod on your car stereo. Dozens of iTrip models later, iTrip has grown into the world’s leading in-car solution for playing your iPod, iPhone, smartphone or digital music player.

Now, Griffin has partnered with Aha Radio to make your iTrip experience even better. Aha by Harman delivers your favorite content to your iPhone and organizes it into personalized, live on-demand stations. Aha even reads your social feeds to you. So all your favorite stuff is just a tap away.

And, when you connect iTrip to your iPhone, Aha adds an easy-to-use iTrip Controller interface to its options. Auto-scan for an open frequency or choose one of your presets to play everything you’re hearing on Aha through your car stereo via iTrip’s powerful built-in FM transmitter.